I realised that there was never a formal announcement here to read up: The Catara NWN server is offline for quite some time now, due to time constraints. I might revive it someday, but it is pretty unlikely. If anyone wants to use our custom classes or tools, ping me on twitter (@jollyorc) and we can see what we can do for you! In the meantime, I do recommend The World of Avlis: https://avlis.org/
Regular RP session?
  • Anyone up for a regular weekly Catara session?

    I some commitments with my main on Avlis (le'No army meet, Tue/Wed), but i could make most any weekday night for a few hours between 1800 & 2400 GMT, or for a wider time period over the weekend.

    I've spoken to a few folks from Avlis who would be interested in exploring Catara, but this would be much more of an attractive proposition if they knew a time when they could find a couple of players on.

    Any particular time suit any one else?
  • I am definitely interested.

    Any evening on a weekday is good for me (weekends are less predictable).
  • Have you folks decided on a regular day for this session? Depending on when you're playing I may be able to sprinkle a little DM flavouring around for you.
  • How about this Thursday at 20:00 GMT for a couple of hours?

    We could make it a couple of hours earlier, or later, but if we aim for the 2000 - 2200 GMT slot that should allow both Euro & US players to turn up some time in that period. I've spoken to a couple of players from Avlis , for one of them a Thursday evening is about their only free slot.
  • Thursday sounds good...count me in! :)
  • Ok, I ~should~ be able to make that, although Thursday is probably a day I can't say for certain I'll be able to make every week. I'll be able to make a fair few of your sessions I'd imagine though.

    You'll have to bear with me though, it's been years since I used the DM client, so I'll be more than a little rusty! :)
  • Hell yes! Wed. or Thur. evenings will often (although not always) work for me (and a slight preference for Wed. on my part). After next week, though, the earliest I could make it would be 22:00 GMT (and 23:00 would be much easier on me).
  • Drat, can't make it tonight. Hopefully next time!
  • I'm up for it. Wednesday or Thursday are probably best days during the weeks for me to meet with the Euro's.
  • Just got home, I'll be on tonight...in about half an hour, gotta eat something first! :)
  • Sowwies for crashing out bad like that at the end.. couldn't be helped: something went ~poof~ & after i kicked my system hard to unlock it, windoze had forgotten the drivers for my secondary SATA.. then it claimed they were for another platform.. then later in fixing that my RAID broke.. meh! Let me know if you're ok with the loot Borneo.. i seemed to have ended up some 8k up on the night!

    I guess Ash crashed hard too, & soz not to have met up with your witch-hunter tonight Horred!

    Haha.. scraping about for the last few CLW's.. & wondering if we'd ever make it out alive! Thanks for the fun Merago & JollyOrc!

    About the same time next Thurs good for folks?
  • Great fun yesterday...at the end we were running on fumes, I used up all my heal kits and potions, and was on 5 strength from all the poison, hehe :)
    Only regret was that Lady_Ashlyn dropped out right at the start and Horred came online while we were already in deep sh...ehm, deep in the mines :D

    I picked up that +1 Full Plate, and some 2k coin as well...so i'm more than happy with the loot.

    How about we try for Wednesday next week?
  • Shall we say, 2100 - 2300 ish for Wednesday next week?
  • 21:00 GMT today, I'll be there.
  • 21:00 seems the best time... Weds or Thurs this week tho?
  • Thursday works for me, Wednesday does not. That will be normal for me for a while. Also, I cannot be there earlier than 22:00GMT.
  • Thursday is good for me this week.
  • Ok, how about Thurs 21:00gmt for a spot of sewer exploring, coming up to hopefully meet szabot &/or Horred at 22:00ish?

    The sewers have a few places of interest, & of course have the advantage that it's easy to break off & head up to street level to meet with any folks that log in ;-)
  • 21GMT is a bit late for me, but I'll try to pop the DM client open :)
  • Same for me, I can make it, though 21GMT (22h for me) is a tad late...only because I get up very early on Thursdays, and by 22h am already a bit tired. But since its the only way for our little international group to get together 21h GMT it is! *prepares some strooooong coffee* :D
  • I probably won't make it this week I'm afraid. I'm sure JO will keep things interesting for you though. :)
  • I just logged in at just before 22:00. This will certainly be the earliest I can ever make it, unfortunately. Now, we need more bodies!
  • Sorry guys, got held up tonight unexpectedly and wasn't able to make it :(
  • We're still going. Four of us!
  • Four? Thats great! Alas,it was too late for me to jump IG last night, I was out all day and came home dead tired.
  • How are we doing for this week? Thursday again 21gmt?
  • Sounds good!

    I may pop in a bit before 2100.. depends if i get tied up in something on Avlis at that time ;-)
  • Heh.. was a real close thing with those bandits Borneo!

    Thursday again this week: I'll be logging in for a few hours at some point between 2000 & 2100 gmt.
  • Just got home from work, need to eat dinner. Unlikely I'll see anyone this evening. Again. :(
  • I plan to be online tonight from around 20:00-20:30 gmt. Anyone else?
  • I'll do my very best.
  • I ~might~ be able to make it along too, but it's 50/50. It depends on whether the powers that be here want some out of hours work done tonight or tomorrow night. Knowing this lot they'll probably not have agreed a decision until next week!
  • I won't be home until after 01:00 GMT. :/

    At least next week looks like a possibility. ;)
  • I should be able to log in about same time as you Borneo
  • Anyone plan to be on tonight? I will probably be ingame from around 20gmt.
  • I have a few reports to complete for Avlis, then i'll log one of mine in, probably also around 20:00 ;-)
  • I'll be around from around 20:00 GMT again. Hopefully a few of the folks i met IG earlier in the week will pop along too :)
  • Maybe next week. I've been living inside the Purgatorio campaign all week, getting it ready for a (not-final) release.
  • Did you folks have a session last night in the end? I checked around 2030 and the server was deserted.
  • Yuppers.. 3 of us were on from just after 2030 >.<

    Pierto led two lowbies in a foray against the gobby warlock.. a certain monk went on to explore the delights of the afterlife, while a certain halfling was able to continue to loot the pants off various motley bandits & ne'er-do-wells :D

    The Catara irc channel is always a handy place to check, as two of us lurked in there whilst in-game.
  • Sorry to have missed this weeks session. I've been in the hospital all week after having an operation on tuesday...nothing serious, just a deviated nose septum which needed undeviating . But I'll probably be in for next weeks session...yay for sick leave!
  • Afterlife explorer reporting. And yes, it's delightful.
    I'll probably be there next Thursday around 20:00 GMT. I'm also available on #Catara.
  • Online now exploring the new lands.. & no doubt soon to be exploring the after life :D
  • Two of us logged in atm..
  • Im comming too!
  • lol, that goblin chief is becoming Shandors archnemesis...the paralysis he throws has cost Shandor several trips to the great beyond by now! btw. I love the new additions to the afterlife...though Im not entering that dueling tent anytime soon...ok, maybe with some buffs next time :)
  • you should have up to three possible opponents btw, with at least one of them being weaker than you usually. :)
  • Hrmm...i was offered only one...that demon princess lady with a very sharp pair of swords...I could only damage her on criticals, otherwise my +1 weapon was ineffective.
  • ah, you're too high a level then for the lower ones already. You think I need to tone her down a bit?
  • Well, I only tried going against her once...though at the moment I dont think Shandor has a chance in beating her, perhaps with some buffs he could last long enough to land enough criticals...it would be nice to be able to do some regular damage to her at least.
  • I'll be logging in within the next 10-15 mins ;-)

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