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NPC Quirks, as found by Rhissaerk on Avlis
  • lifted from here: http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?f=150&t=108287
    Armor Skin Means No Potions Bug:
    The feat ‘Armor Skin’, if given to an NPC, will make the default AI no longer drink potions. No, I have absolutely no idea why this occurs. Maybe the NPC just figures that +2 AC means it’s invincible and it no longer needs the puny potions of weak, lesser NPCs. Luckily, this bug has an easy solution. Instead of giving the NPC the ‘Armor Skin’ feat, simply raise it’s natural AC by 2. The result is the same and the AI glitch doesn’t occur.
    Caster NPCs Meleeing Bug:
    This one is really annoying. If a caster NPC has multiclassed levels in fighter, barbarian, or another melee class, sometimes the AI decides that casting spells is for pussies and will charge into melee, bravely beating PC’s with it’s +7 to hit and 1d6+1 damage staff of NPCdom. The solution to this is to give the NPC a variable. You need to give it an Int variable called X2_L_BEH_MAGIC, with its value set to 100. This will make the NPC want to use his spells much more. But sometimes, even when you do that, they’ll melee anyway, because…
    Caster NPCs Won’t Cast Sometimes Bug:
    If you give an NPC X2_L_BEH_MAGIC and set it to 100, this can cause another strange bug to occur. If an NPC has multiple of a buff or debuff, and either it (In the case of buffs) or its target (in the case of debuffs), has the buff/debuff presently up on them, the AI will flip out. For buffs, it will simply not cast any more buffs and go into offensive mode, and for debuffs it’ll usually charge and start swinging.
    Now, as soon as the NPC only has no castings left of the buffs or debuffs in question, it will resume acting normally. But until then it will renew the buff/debuff as soon as it fades and continue its weird behavior.
    You could actually use this to your advantage sometimes, such as giving an NPC multiple Sunbursts. Whenever the PC cures the Blind effect from Sunburst, the NPC will cast it again. And between castings will only melee.
    But maybe you want your NPC to actually do something besides cast one spell and melee. Luckily, there’s a solution.
    Add the variable X2_SPELL_RANDOM as an Int variable, and set it to 1. This variable will make the NPC cast its spells in a completely random order. Sometimes it’ll make them stupid, other times it’ll make them smart. It’s random. But the real reason for this variable is it fixes the aforementioned bug. With this variable, an NPC can have X2_L_BEH_MAGIC 100, and it won’t cause any problems. An NPC with multiple Sunbursts will continue to cast, even if its foe is blinded, and an NPC with multiple Acid Sheaths will actually cast other buffs.
    Empower Spell Bug:
    NPCs are incapable of Empowering 6th and 7th level spells. I think it’s against the terms of their union contract, because they don’t even try. If you tell an NPC in the toolset to Empower a 6th or 7th level spell, it won’t stick. As soon as you close the NPC, if you re-open it, the Empowered spells will be gone. Maximize, Extend, or any of the other metamagic feats work fine. But not Empower for 6th and 7th level spells. All other spell levels can be empowered.
    If, however, you as a DM possess an NPC and edit their spell list ingame, you can have them Empower 6th and 7th level spells. Unfortunately, that’s the only way I’ve found to do it. Stupid NPC unions!
    Sorcerers And Bards Don’t Use Metamagic Bug:
    Like the name implies, Sorcerer and Bard NPCs have some serious issues with metamagic. Namely, the NPCs just don’t use them at all. While the toolset lets you specifically set the NPCs to have metamagic versions, it doesn’t seem to work properly, and sometimes the NPCs spell lists will become completely fubared.
    This bug is particularly annoying if you want an NPC bard or sorc to use Still/Silent Spell. In this case, you have two options.

    Create/equip the NPCs with a suit of armor that has no arcane spell failure.
    Give the NPC Auto-Still 3, and then choose his spell list as if everything was Still/Silent Spelled. (IE: If he would normally have 1 6th level spell and 2 5th level spells, give him 1 5th level spell and 2 4th level spells, etc) This is my preference.

    Default Caster AI Won’t Buff Bug:
    Okay, this isn’t a ‘bug’ exactly, but it will sure seem like it when you’re trying to get your NPC casters to not act crazy.
    The default AI isn’t very good about buffing itself. A lot of the times it won’t even bother, instead just nuking right away and forgetting it even has buffs. There’s an exception to this.
    If an NPC is invisible or sanctuaried, they will cast every buff, and drink every buff potion that they have. Naturally, if you want your NPC to buff, your goal is how to trick them into going invisible. The default AI will sometimes turn itself invisible if you give it the spell, but other times it will just charge and cast Timestop 6 times in a row because the NPC is sad at the fact he’s reached the ripe old age of 55 seconds and he hasn’t fulfilled any of the dreams he had when he was a young and spry 10 second old.
    Without employing a custom AI, there really isn’t a way to guarantee the NPC will go invisible and buff itself. You can give it invis and hope, but that’s about it.
    I use an AI called ai_hidenhaste. You can give it to an NPC by adding the String variable X2_SPECIAL_COMBAT_AI_SCRIPT, and making the string value the name of the AI you want to use. In this case, ai_hidenhaste. ai_hidenhaste is a very simple AI that tells an NPC to hide and then haste itself, then lets the default AI take over. The default AI will then buff itself completely, because it’s invisible.
    A few side notes, the default AI has Haste listed at a fairly low priorty. They wait a very long time before casting it, taking three times as many rounds to buff as they need to. Keep this in mind if you’re making NPCs that don’t use ai_hidenhaste or another special AI.
    Being under the effects of a Darkness spell, if an NPC has ultravision, also counts as being ‘hidden’ and will make them buff.
  • I Didn’t Roll Good Enough Bug:
    There is a variable called X2_L_BEH_COMPASSION. It’s a nice variable, that makes an NPC heal other NPCs. It even works on Rogues who have Healing scrolls handy. However, this variable has a really weird side effect. It will make an NPC cast the same buff on itself over and over and over and over if it has multiple castings of it.
    I haven’t found a way around this except to simply not give any NPCs I want to heal others more than one casting of the same buff, however.
    Healing, Yum! Bug:
    Again, not quite a bug so much as quirky behavior. NPCs will normally heal themselves when they fall to ‘badly injured’. If they are hidden by invisibility however, they will heal themselves if they have taken any damage AT ALL. NPCs will plow through their heal potions in no time if something happens to be hitting them while they’re invis.
    Papercut? Heal Potion. Grass stain? Heal Potion. PC called you a nasty name? Heal Potion.
    Unfortunately, I don’t know a solution for this except to have a custom AI that runs 100% of the time on the NPC in question. Since this causes lag, it’s not a viable solution for most spawns. Sorry folks, no way around this one, just have to accept it.
    Archers Hate Magic Bug:
    There are four default AI sets included with NWN, which you can call for NPCs to alter their behavior. One such AI is a handy one which makes the NPC use rapid shot, occasionally run from people trying to melee it, and switch back to it’s bow often so if a PC gets close and then runs away again, the NPC archer won’t chase after them waving a dagger around yelling ‘Get off my lawn!’ or whatever grumpy old archers yell.
    Sadly, Ranged AI (as I call it) has a downside. It won’t use magic. No spells, no potions. Custom AI scripts can fix this, but unless that AI is constantly running and tells the NPC to renew it’s buffs all the time, an NPC with Ranged AI will never cast spells again.
    No solution for this. Just keep it in mind when making archer NPCs if you intend to have them use Ranged AI.
    That’s Not My Spell List Bug:
    NPC spell lists are fickle things. They breakdown and stop working if you look at them the wrong way. Here are a few of the things that will cause your NPCs spell list to become completely fubar, often stripping them of half or more of their spells.
    Build Module. Yes, if you actually let the “Build Module” command run all the way through, it will randomly mess up some NPCs spell lists. Haven’t quite figured out what causes an NPC to be affected or not, but it definitely seems if an NPC uses metamagic, they’re more likely to get hit by it.
    Placing A Metamagic Using NPC Directly: If you have a metamagic using NPC, and you place him in an area via the toolset instead of having him spawn from an encounter or a script, his spell list WILL be messed up. At least for me this would happen 100% of the time. Not a really huge issue though since placed NPCs are usually just for socializing.
    Reset To Parent Faction: Every time you export something, the toolset asks you if you want to ‘reset to parent faction’. This sets the NPC to one of the original four factions (Defender, Commoner, Merchant, Hostile), the result of which depends on what the creator of a custom faction choose as the ‘parent faction’. If you select this option, it will mess up your NPCs spell list. I just learned this one today, finally ending my question of why several of my NPCs had bizarrely messed up spell lists outside of the Wilderness server.
    Tensers and Shapeshifting Is Against My Religion Bug:
    If cast by the default AI, the spell Tenser’s Transformation and the various polymorphs will not work. At all. They don’t actually do anything. These spells may work if called by an AI, but I’m not certain as I haven’t experimented with it
    I Hate Casters Bug:
    Occasionally, an NPC will turn on an NPC caster ally and start attacking them. You'll notice they do this when hit by an AoE, so you THINK you know the cause for it. It's the AoE, right? Well, you're only half right. Turns out, most NPCs have the common sense not to kill themselves by beating their Acid Sheathed caster buddies in a sudden display of Mage Hate. What makes an NPC turn on their allies is actually the Sneak Attack ability.
    I guess Rogues are just less inclined to take crap from mages, but only NPCs with Sneak Attack will actually ATTACK allied casters who hit them with spells. And only spells with long lasting effects cause them to really do this. Negative Energy Burst, Darkness, or other AoE's with long durations cause the rogues to attack the casters, sometimes even after the battle.
    There's a quasi solution to this. If you give the NPC Sneak Attack, Blackguard instead of normal Sneak Attack, they seem less inclined to spontaneously develop a hatred for everyone who likes wearing bathrobes. So give NPCs blackguard sneak attack instead of normal sneak attack whenever you can. But be careful, Blackguard Sneak Attack (4d6) doesn't work at all.
    Darkness seems to have the highest chance of causing this friendly fire. I guess rogue NPCs find it really insulting when they get free sneak attacks on PCs.
    Clouds, clouds, clouds, Bug:
    Not a bug, but an AI quirk. If an NPC is capable of casting tons of cloud spells, such as stinking cloud, Evards, Cloud of Bewilderment, or any other lingering AoE...he will. He'll cast tons of them, paying no heed to whether he's standing in them or if all his enemies are crashing from having 42 Clouds of Bewilderment running at the same time.
    To put it mildly, if you're going to make a Sorcerer NPC, or a Wizard with a lot of Clouds, please make sure they don't destroy the internet every time they see an enemy. Make sure to use X2_SPELL_RANDOM if you must give them that many clouds, but if you can avoid it, simply limit the amount of clouds they'll cast
    But That's Not A Person Bug:
    The spell Hold Person has a number of problems with it in regards to the AI. You will, however, rarely see these problems, because all of the standard races don't incur them. If, however, the NPC is faced off against an opponent who is NOT one of the standard seven races, the AI will suddenly go "I'm not casting that spell, it won't work." So far, so good, except the AI's next move is always charging the person and hitting them with a stick. I don't know why, exactly, but something about wanting to cast Hold Person and the opponent not being counted as a "Person" just offends the AI's senses so much it spontaneously explodes and resorts to randomly punching the nearest object. Or sometimes it just stands there pondering the meaning of life until somebody slaps him.
    Even the almighty X2_SPELL_RANDOM won't stop this bug, though it does make it only last for one round. Namely, each round the NPC WOULD have cast Hold Person on the non-person, they will instead charge or stand around doing nothing, then next round they'll pick another spell from their roulette wheel of happy funtime spells and continue as normal.
    Luckily, the solution is pretty obvious: Don't give NPCs Hold Person. Or, if you do, make sure you're okay with them pretending to go AFK randomly.
    Note: Hold Person DOES work on creatures besides the standard seven races on Avlis. The AI, however, is unaware of this fact.
  • Depression Bug:
    NPC Healers are fun, but they're very insecure. Whenever a fellow NPC falls to the ground and dies, the AI will carry out their command to heal the NPC even though the NPC is dead, casting it on the corpse, and universally making every player think the words "Too slow, healer boy!".
    But what if the corpse decays, vanishing from the map before the Healer can get there to cast his spell on the corpse? Well, the Healer NPC will become very sad. And stand there in a stunned trance until someone slaps him, or throws cold water on him, or stabs him in the face with a +3 Short Sword of Get Over It Already. If the NPC happens to be in Greater Sanctuary and nobody there can harm him, he'll just stand there stuck in a trance forever. And sometimes, on cold, lonely lights, you can hear the mournful whisper of an NPC who knows it's all his fault. Everything is his fault.
    The way to prevent all your Healer NPCs from being chronically sad and hating life is to increase the decay time on the corpses of your NPCs. Set it to 10 or 15 seconds at least, that's usually enough, though if you want to play it safe, make it longer. This will increase the chances the NPC will get to the corpse and finish his AI routine before it decays.
    I See You Can See Invisible Bug:
    Not really a bug, but could be perceived as a cheat.
    The default AI reads your character sheet. All the time. Even when you're sleeping. If you have See Invisible or True Seeing up, it will NOT cast ordinary Invisibility. It will cast Improved Invisibility (Because of the buff it grants), but not ordinary. This is most apparent in NPC Sorcerers who will 'Blink Cast' (Cast a spell, cast invis, cast a spell, cast invis) only if you don't have see invisibility
    See Invisibility, More Addictive Than Crack, Sorcerer AI Bug:
    I really don't know what's wrong with NPC Sorcerers, but apparently in addition to their need to crash everyone by spamming cloud spells, they have really horribly eyesight. But cause they're mages, instead of doing the reasonable thing like getting a pair of glasses, they attempt to solve their woes by casting See Invisibility or True Seeing spells without a prescription. Sadly, this never works.
    But that doesn't stop them from trying. Sorcerer NPCs love to cast See Invisibility and True Seeing. They'll cast it over and over and over until they can't anymore. Except, ironically, if they can't see any enemies. Clearly, if there aren't any visible enemies, there's no reason at all to cast See Invisibility! That'd be CRAZY.
    Besides giving the Sorcerers a custom AI, I honestly don't know how to stop this bug. You can just not give them any form of See Invisibility magic, and that's probably your best bet since I haven't noticed this problem with any other buff
    Epic Spells: Made More Confusing Just To Annoy YOU!
    NPCs have a very odd relationship with epic spells. Namely, some, they will only use if they are selected as special abilities. Others only work if chosen as Feats. Here they are, in all their nonsensical glory. It is entirely possible I have some of these wrong, as I generally forget which goes where.

    Epic Mage Armor: Works when chosen as Special Ability.
    Epic Warding: Works when chosen as Feat. If given as a special ability, causes an AI glitch whereby the NPC stops functioning. Probably because it's going "I've got Epic Warding, I'm invincible, I'm gonna go AFK and make a virtual sandwich." However, when possessing an NPC, you CANNOT SELECT the Feat version. The AI will use it, but you, as a DM, cannot.
    Greater Ruin: Works as Special Ability. NPC simply won't use the Feat version.
    Hellball: Works as Special Ability. NPC simply won't use the Feat version.
    Dragon Knight and Mummy Dust: I'm not sure, I've never given these to an NPC. I'll experiment with it later and come back and update this post.

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