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Suspicions about shadows..
  • I'm not quite sure what is going on here.. but i'm pretty certain something is amiss!

    I was in the crypts below the cursed cemetary [...]
    Shadows seem to [...]

    Bone wardens are non-hostile, & remain so after being fireballed, tho they do actually run in to attack then.

    Bone wardens show as non-hostile even when you attack one of a group.

    If someone wants to observe this as a DM, it may give a better idea of what is happening.
    *edited out some stuff that is "as designed", to not spoil things :) - JollyOrc
  • Cataran Shadows are much closer to the Monster Manual than what you probably expect - they are nasty incorporeal critters, tango with them at your own risk. Nothing wrong here... (and please edit out your description after having read this, to not spoil the .. ahem, fun for others :).)
    I'll see if I can get the Bone Wardens switch to hostile properly.
  • Regarding the Bone Wardens.. not sure if you have tweaked the buggers, but i had one hacking away at me just now: i was invis, & i knew the shadows where near.. so i couldn't hit it back. The thing is.. the little bugger stayed 'blue' despite repeatedly attacking & damaging me!

    As for those shadows.. the attacks are evil.. i can accept that, but the way they ~FOIG~ whilst attacking seems to me to be a bit extreme. Certainly if a PC could do that it would be an exploit!
  • Three things:

    played around with the settings for the Bone wardens a bit more, maybe it works as intended now. At the very least, they should be properly hostile.
    Saw that the touch attack of the Shadows didn't actually check if they are in range - attempted to fix that by diving into the custom AI scripts and adding range checks there.
    There should be an IG way around your ~FOIG~ problem. Also keep in mind that despire our low active playerbase Catara isn't generally build for soloing :)
  • Aaah.. i was going to add to this last night, but it was kinda late.

    I sent my other PC in to play with the shadows, with some suitable 'equipment', & he was able to stand up to & melee with the sneaky buggers.. haha! oh they are... evil ****s! Really they are! But am getting to kinda like them!

    & yup.. i think my only remaining gripe with them is due to them attacking from out of range, which i guess is why i couldn't see them with my wussy non-fighter PC!

    Totally agree that some foes should be extremely hard if not impossible to solo!
  • The bone wardens are now hostile on sight.

    The shadows are still really hard to FOIG, but they seemed to have stopped attacking from out of range.. hurrah!

    Of course, this may mean it'll take longer for me to test any death plane duels :)
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