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No death duels
  • Shal Tekrit in the Afterlife, Tents, (xp50yp49zp9) offers no opponent for a lvl 8 PC
  • tweaked the script a tiny bit, need to test it though.
  • She now offers my lvl8 PC a duel.. but:

    The bet starts at 2 stones, minimum is 8, raising the bet by one ends the convo. An option to raise by 5 would be handy! Looping the convo back to raise/lower/fight options after raising would also be helpful.

    Once i raised the stakes & chose the convo option to start the fight, the main tent still had the mystical barrier in force.
  • yeah, I found that out too - this will probably take a while yet, apparently this quest wasn't quite finished before Catara went down a few years ago. :)
  • OK.. got thru to the duel.. got beat up.. but also got HIT with a:

    Script c_mod_ondying, OID: 80000000, tag: , ERROR TOO MANY INSTRUCTIONS
  • meh! damnit! i won i did!
    [Thu Feb 04 20:50:28] Styss killed Kronss, Axe of Iron
    and as i left the tent:
    [Thu Feb 04 20:51:10] You've lost the Mystic Duel!
    [Thu Feb 04 20:51:10] Script deth_duel_exit, OID: 80003469, Tag: DR_MysticDuel_2, ERROR: TOO MANY INSTRUCTIONS
  • ok, I think I know what caused the TMI error, hopefully it's fixed.
    Same goes for leaving the tent - by design, you should be ported out of the place when you win or loose - the doors are just a fallback or the chicken way out, hence it's auto-loose there.
  • Ah.. i wasn't getting ported out on win/lose.

    I'll check again next time.. my pally has some half-baked idea for killing a certain shamen.. so this may be quite soon :)
  • Ouch!

    got hit by a FOIG.. went to -1.. stayed there.. error msg:

    Script c_mod_ondying, OID: 80000000, Tag: , ERROR TOO MANY INSTRUCTIONS

    Left it a few mins.. then relogged.
  • Tried again.. won the duel.. no auto exit from the dueling tent.

    The only option is to leave by the door.. which automatically loses the duel. At first it gave me this error msg:

    Script deth_duel_exit, OID: 80003469, Tag: DR_MysticDuel_2, ERROR: TOO MANY INSTRUCTIONS

    But after dismissing summonses it let me leave.
  • Tweaked & Tested it - looking not so bad now.
  • Tested again, my PC almost killed the NPC, but a summoned Dire Hyena got in the killing blow, at which point the summons promptly disappeared & nothing else happened. After a few minutes i left by the tent door & got the ~you lost~ message. As i left i also lost the familiar.

    Tried again, this time the summons serving as a distraction while my PC cast. The spell that i assume killed off the NPC was still firing when i was zapped to the outside of the tent: the spell animation was playing after i had trans'd back to the desert area! It did give my PC the win, & rewarded correct number of stones.

    Tried again, & i didn't get the spell glitch again, as sson as the killing spell landed i got zapped to the outside with the win message. Tried it again with no summonses & worked again. I guess it would work perfectly for a fighter, the only problem i see is that the script seems to act on whatever killed the NPC, so if a companion/summons/familiar(or possible even a trap?) gets in the killing blow in, the PC gets left behind.

    Oh.. & should i have been able to beat the same NPC 3 times?
  • I'll see what I can do regarding the summons/familiar slaying the NPC.
    Regarding your question: Do you ask if the same NPC should agree to fight three times in a row, or if the NPC should be beatable three times in a row?
  • Yes! took me a couple of attempts (one duellist my summonses just kept failing to finish off!) but as soon as one got the killing blow in the script kicked in & transported PC + summons out with the expected reward.

    I was wondering if you had intended to allow repeat duels (win or lose) but as the only reward is the stones i guess it doesn't matter.

    I haven't yet tested the duels out with a fighter type, but i'd say they are working fine now.
  • closing this bug now then :)
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