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Areas north of the Greenbear lake
  • A geography questions:
    Does the water on the eastern side (what the landbridge crosses west of the city) extend strait northwards? I forgot if that was a large river flowing from the north or an extension of the sea inland...At the moment I have the water bordering the areas I'm building just like it is to the south, is that the way it should be?

    The build is going good, although since it includes a rather large adventuring area, and I am trying to include some non-standard elements like climbing down cliffs, underwater passages, etc., it will take a bit longer to construct.

    I still havent started working on the hostile NPCs...and I was wondering what lvl should I gear the main "dungeon" to? This will have human NPCs of a taloran tribe which is very active in slavery. As far as I know, the abandoned mines are the toughest thing out there at the moment. Should it be something like one notch above that?
    As for class...I'm thinking the melee hostiles should be barbarians, while ranged are rangers. Is it ok if there are a few hostile witches in there (sorcerers), or should the chief of a tribe be the only witch? I'm thinking of making the chief non-hostile and include a conversation on him to add some lore...or even a quest.
  • Or the hostile spellcasters in the tribe could be druids?

    Come to think of it are witches generally all sorcerers? Or would a taloran druid firing off druid spells be also labeled a witch?
  • Here's a very rough sketch on the flow of the river Gorn:

  • Aha, ok so it actually bends a bit eastward to the north.

    But wait...Isnt the sea to the east of the city?? Hehe, I always thought that was the sea, and that the city stood on the mouth of the river entering the sea for some reason, lol.
  • Regarding your questions on the NPC and geared lvl: Let's aim roughly at the levels 10 to 20. The outer areas doable for the lower end, the inner ones or bosses for the latter end, maybe even a bit above it.
    If you can manage, try to keep things with using very few casters, ideally just one or two. If you end up with a handfull, that's fine too though. Barbarians and rangers sounds good to me. The chief should have a good reason to stay non-hostile though, especially if the PCs just slaughtered his tribe :) (apart from that, I'm all for non-hostiles of course)
  • "But wait...Isnt the sea to the east of the city?? Hehe, I always thought that was the sea, and that the city stood on the mouth of the river entering the sea for some reason, lol."
    Ah, no. The river extends a few miles south, then southeast where it ends in the sweetwater sea. The city of Gornemouth is located there, home of the Seven Wizards, THE place where magic lore is kept in Catara.
  • oh, can you maybe post minimap-screenies of the areas you have so far, so that I know how to connect areas around them? Also the tags please, so there is no confusion about which areas you are working on :). Thanks!
  • ok, will do so in the evening when I get home
  • http://i849.photobucket.com/albums/ab57/bornjezi/NWN/the-crags.jpg

    Instead of minimap images, it was easier for me to just combine screenshots from the toolset together.

    Areas: xp54yp44 (lower left) to xp56yp46 (upper right)
    This is as I have the outside areas now...i might add very minor changes here and there, but nothing drastic.

    *I adjusted the edges of the eastern areas so the river gorn appears only in the lower right area, and bends eastward there.
    *In the upper right area i added the beginning of a tributary river which can connect to gorn further in the areas eastward...as you can see I made the tributary split around a small "island" with an old ruin on it, they should reconnect in the area to the east
    *The areas on the left side connect directly to the existing northgoing sliver of land, and I made sure the topography fits to the sliver as best possible.
    *In the upper left area there is a small "village" of non-hostile talorans
    *the central area and the cliffs in the surroundings (plus underground areas) will be the main adventuring area with the hostile talorans...its entirely surrounded by cliffs so the only way to enter is though a narrow passage in the NE
  • looks good, I like it!
  • Its done! I've sent you the areas via email JO.

  • the areas are imported, but not connected yet. First, we'll do some more testing and I need to tweak the bring-stuff-quests a bit yet.

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