Foul play at the Halfing Village
  • *A note posted up by Southgate*

    Citizens of Catar, myself & Arty passed thru the halfling Village this morning, to discover one of the little folk seemingly dead! We informed the guard, but what fiend would stoop to attacking one of these harmless people? Please inform a watchman if anyone has seen suspicious strangers in the village of the smallfolk.

    *signed* Pierto Jarino
  • *A new note is tacked on to the original note. It reads:-*

    This tragic death was unfortunately caused by a bear attack. The bear had been driven towards the village in search of food after a larger, more aggressive bear moved in to it's territory. We believe the bear had followed the scent of deer blood from an adventurer who had passed through the area just prior to the attack. Poor Ms. Finella came across the bear whilst walking home. The bear was obviously in an agitated state and attacked before the local guardsman could intervene. The bear was slain by the local guard and, subsequently, the larger bear has also been slain. We hope there should be no further repeats of such a tragic accident.

    *the note bears the official seal of the city guard*

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