I realised that there was never a formal announcement here to read up: The Catara NWN server is offline for quite some time now, due to time constraints. I might revive it someday, but it is pretty unlikely. If anyone wants to use our custom classes or tools, ping me on twitter (@jollyorc) and we can see what we can do for you! In the meantime, I do recommend The World of Avlis: https://avlis.org/
A brief history
  • In ancient times Elves and Troll fought for dominance over the world, Dragons devastated the lands and Humans and Dwarves had to fight to survive every day.About 1000 years ago the Count of Glass and his empire Cibola, rose, defeated the dominance of the Elves and began the Age of Men. The Empire Cibola ruled all the known lands across the oceans. They imported Orc-slaves from afar and built great things, but their godlessness should bring them down again.
    It was the year 807 Cibol when the signs started to show. Rains, famine and unrest swept through all the provinces. The Orcs rebelled, floods killed thousands and the sun did not shine during the day.
    It was the blessed year 1 of Light (811 Cibol) when the lords of Cibola were punished by the Gods. In Catara, the Prophet arrived with a Travel-phenomenon and began the uprising. Collecting Men, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs under his flag he set out to rid Catara of the Empire.
    The Cibolans were chased off, and their capital Myrandia was shattered by the Gods and sank below the sea. Sadly, there was no unity about what should follow.
    After 20 years of strife and war Edward I., the Fist of the Gods, could unite all free and believing counts under his flag and gave the people peace by founding Catara.
    In uncivilized regions the heathens prospered. The Witch-Kingdoms Dalora and Talore, practicing witchcraft and slavery and Gildan, Realm of the Elves were formed. Our friends the Dwarves retreated to their ancient Mountain-Realm, but kept up the friendship with Catara and most Orcs went north to roam the plains in freedom.
    After 4 years the King decided to build his palace in the new capital, Catar, because there was no possibility of rebuilding Myrandia.
    From 58 on there was war with Dalora, because they supported the robber-knights of castle Highrock. By 67 the Dalorans finally gave in and decided to change their policy.
    The 70s brought the rise of piracy. Under the flag of legendary Ahab Blackeye hundreds sailed a road of slaughter. And slaughter they did get, once Edward I. had finished his fleet, and the pirate-threat.
    The 80s and 90s were overshadowed by odds about trade-routes and goods with Talore. There were some skirmishes, but after a few years a sensible solution was found.
    After a hundred years, the time of the Prophet ended and the Gods took him back to their realm. Weakened by this loss of spiritual leadership, a lot of people succumb to the Black Death.
    In the following years the Cult of the Nine inherited a few manors and stretches of land. The Cult also presented old documents and important supporters, showing thus how integral a part of Cataran society the Cult is.
    The winter 118 was the coldest anyone can remember. Goblins, Kobolds and even single Ogres attack villages. A Giant that threatened Radescrest was stopped at the last moment because a Priest summoned Rilos who finally killed the creature. Long term effects are the erecting or upgrading of city walls.
    In the year 123 Edward I. is killed by another surge of the Black Death. Due to backup by the Dwarves his son, Edward II inherits.
    The sighting of a Dragon in 134 causes panic and massive interest in bows.
    The King can announce good news in 140 when the fist Elvish traders since the uprising arrive by ship and open new ways of trade. Even exotic goods from far away Bataar now reach the Kingdom and the King outfits a few ships to secure trade-connections.
    In the 150s Dalora and Talore wage war for dominance. Grainprices rise, causein unrest. Smugglers and pirates use the turmoil to their advantage. After a successful run of the navy over 70 buccaneers are executed in 156.
    The early 160s see a never explained series of raids on caravans and villages in the south, all without any surviors. Some suspect a Demon-Cult…
    By 170 Gallows are raised in many towns to discourage bandits, and Catar gets a militia.
    177 Barbarian attacks from the south threaten villages, The Southmark-Army is created
    183 The Elvish Merchant-Adventurers are allowed to settle in Catar for 30 years.
    186 Villages in Leevale are attacked by a horde of undead from Dalora
    187 A bridge collapses under the weight of the large audience at the mass-execution of 29 pirates. Measures are promised
    188 Outlander pirates have abducted and enslaved 29 traders.
    190 Dalora and Talore declare war on eachother.
    191 Grainprices are on the rise. Late in the year there’s a dispute between the king and the Counts Scheever and von Heene. The latter’s daughter is supposed to marry prince Darin. Rumors about a possible feud abound.
    192 (present) Still trouble brewing between counts and provinces. Reports of dragon sightings. Also rumors about a demon-cult operating near Beckron.

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