*A warning posted up by the Ducal Tradepost*
  • Fellow travellers,

    take care if you pass by Greenbear Lake, for today i saw a great many goblins & worg-riders around the area. I was able to cut down some of these vermin, but a number chased me as far as the Borderpost, where with help from the guards we slew them.

    Something seems to have stirred up these pests tho, be extra watchful.

    *signed* Pierto Jarino
  • *Another note is tacked up under this one*

    Perhaps we discovered the reason for the un-rest... that unpredictable beast, the Travel Phenomena, picked a few of us from the North Gate of Catar City & dropped us in the mountains to the west. There we met a one legged one-armed witch hunter, who warned us of a coven of witch hounds.. aye.. werekin, dwelling in the Old Mines. Sir Kinsbane & myself volunteered to hunt down this menace, & with help from the skilled makings of the Cult's Order of the Snake, & from the gifts of Rilos, we finally found the entrance to the lair, tho sadly our guide perished along the way.

    Tho near exhausted, the two of us slew all the witch-born fiends therein, thus ending the menace threatening nearby settlements. Let all who travel near the borderlands be cautious however, for there are always new threats that may crawl up from the deep places, or encroach from the witch lands of Talore & Dalora.

    *signed* Pierto Jarino

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