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  • I'm importing the Tairisnadur fishing system.
    Feel free to add in fishing spots when creating areas with water. These are the fish that are available so far:
    Common Trout

    Tag/Resref: fsh_cmntrout

    The common trout is a staple of the cataran diet. Even the king is said to be very fond of them.
    Royal Red Trout

    Tag/Resref: fsh_redtrout

    A rare and highly sought-after fish. It's taste is said to be fit for a king.

    Tag/Resref: fsh_grndeel

    Groundeels are scavengers, often found near corpses in shallow waters. Although edible, they are an acquired taste.

    Tag/Resref: fsh_dalpike

    A fish commonly found in deep quickly flowing water, the Dalpike is a fierce predator fish, often feeding on fish nearly as big as itself. It's meat is a bit bland, but still sought after.
    Silent Carp

    Tag/Resref: fsh_slntcarp

    The most common kind of carp in Catara.
    Felland Milk Carp

    Tag/Resref: fsh_mlkcarp

    The Milk Carp were long ago introduced into the local waters from the province of Felland. Their meat is tender and white, dissolving into a fine but tasty cream when cooked.
    Sharp Sweetwater Shark

    Tag/Resref: fst_swtshark

    These small sharks aren't any danger to people, although they do kill the occasional unwary duck. Nonetheless, their meat is tasty enough that few fishermen would throw them back in.
    Barbed Cowfish

    Tag/Resref: fsh_brbdcow

    a tasty but sweetwater fish, the barbed cowfish is it does taste surprisingly like beef. It's spikes have pierced many a curious kids finger.
    Gorn Loud Carp

    Tag/Resref: fsh_loudcarp

    Loud carp are lively fish, often creating many audible splashes on the surface of any water they inhabit. Thus they're a fishermans friend, easily betraying their location.
    How to make a fishing spot?

    Create a trigger defining water, it is where the fish are. Tag this "TFS_Water_main".
    *Optional* Create additional triggers indicating individual fish schools.  Tag these triggers with the format "TFS_Water_##" where ## is a two digit number unique to this trigger in this area. !!

    Make sure these triggers do not intersect with each other or TFS_Water_main.!!
    Set the probabilities and number available of each fish type or item in the variables of the trigger created in step 1 and, if created, the triggers from step 2.

    FishDataX = Y|R|N


        X = A number making each entry unique.  These start at 0 and

            must be continuous.

        Y = The probability of the item coming up.  This is an integer

            and is just a weight.  The actual percent chance is

            determined by (100 * Y/SumOfAllYs)

        R = Blueprint ResRef of the fish.  If this is blank or invalid,

            the same result will occur - no fish being caught.

        N = Number of this type that can be caught per reset.  0 = That many.
    fWaterLevel (where the water level is, so the splashes will be displayed correctly)
    FishingTime (in seconds)

    Set the duration of fishing on the water trigger (optional - defaults to 15 seconds).  This is a variable called FishingTime, and is in seconds if greater than 0.0, or is a scale of the current SplashDelay if it is negative.
  • Note to myself:


    You'll need the visualeffects.2da from the Trav Main hak


    it has the ripple effect I set up, with the splash sound


    line 700
  • I'm setting up some fishing spots to the areas I'm making and I'm not sure how to position the triggers. Could you please link an erf of the fishing rod and bait items....so I can do some playtesting.
    Do I understand it correctly that the PC himself does not have to enter any trigger?
  • The "TFS_Water_main" trigger should mark the entire water area for the fishing system. So if you make a fishing pond, the trigger would cover the water surface completely but not the solid ground.
    The extra triggers (which should not overlap!) are then special "Hotspots" where other fish can be caught. I'll put up an .erf soonish.
  • http://catara.orkpiraten.de/files/catara_fishing.rar
    (Note: The script assumes that tag-based scripting is enabled and that all tag-based scripts are prefixed with "ci_". Make sure your module OnLoad script has these lines in it:




  • I set everything up, but I cant get it to work...I constantly keep getting "Your cast failed to land in fishable water."
    Cant figure out what i'm doing wrong... :/
  • send me the area, I'll have a look.

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