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Religious Systems
  • There are two opposing systems of belief and worship on Catara
    All people on Catara know that the gods are there. Many have actually seen one at least once. Worship as a rule is polytheistic. People pay homage to whatever god suits their current needs. Only Paladins and Clerics focus on one god or goddess.
    Opposed to that is the Cult of Nine. It is a quasi-religious group, that actually rejects the gods. Men can do whatever they want, they claim, and that the gods are meddling instead of helpful. The Cult still acknowledges the existance and power of the gods, but refuses to worship them.
  • The Cult of Nine
    The Cult of Nine is a quasi-religious group that actually rejects the gods. Men can do whatever they want, they claim, and that the gods are meddling instead of helpful. It’s members acknowledge the gods existence, but refuse to worship them.
    It is important to note that they are not non-believers. The existance of the gods isn’t argued, just if they are worth worshipping. The Cult of Nine thinks they aren’t.
    The vast majority of the Cult are humans, although there are a few non-humans in it too. Noteable is the scarcity of Half-Orcs or orcs in it: The Cibolean Empire treated them as slaves, and since the insurrection, few former slaves have embraced this religion.
  • The Different Orders of the Cult
    The Cult of Nine is split into nine orders. Nine is an extremely important number for them actually.
    Order of the Eye
    The Order of the Eye are said to be the Seers of the Cult. That title is a bit confusing though. They are not actual diviners or prophets. They are Psions and well versed in understanding and using the human mind. Their task is to understand other people, to give advice on what they are likely to think. Members of this order can be spies, advisors, scholars, soothsayers, councelors and therapists.
    A novice of this order voluntarily gives up his eyesight for a long time, to better train his other senses, and to focus his mind. During the long training, he will learn how to tap an inner well of power, to perform incredible feats. No one really knows what the limits of these powers are, but it is said that they parallel those of true wizards in some ways.
    The Cult of Nine always states that the members of the Order of the Eye show what humans are capable of if they really focus on their own skills, instead of depending on gods. In fact, there has been no report of a single god-worshipping Psion on Catara.
    Order of the Robe
    The spiritual guides, as well as the internal Inquisition of the Cult
    Order of the Sun
    The Druids, Rangers and herbalists
    Order of the Fire
    Here the smiths, alchemists and artists gather, to fashion the things the Cult would need.
    Order of the Snake
    Brothers and Sisters of the Snake are the healers.
    Order of the Winds
    Heralds, talent scouts (dubbed Comferrs) and the researchers and map makers of the Cult.
    Brothers of the Ring
    The wizards of the Cult. It is noted that no sorcerers are part of this brotherhood, and only men are admitted. Sign of membership is a light gray metal ring worn on the little finger of the left hand.
    Order of the Flaming Blade
    The Knights of the Cult, and their fighting Order. On joining, a Knight has to pledge 9 years of devoted service. Only after having served as a knave, the the knight is allowed to take his vowes, which include celibacy and poverty. The knight will be owning nothing but the equipment the Order grants him or her.
    The nine years will be spent as wandering years, where he may only reside up to 9 months at the same spot (these times are usually spent in some garrisson)
    After this service, he ascends to a higher rank and gets permitted to marry and acquire goods.
    A Knight of the Flaming Sword has nonetheless a high prestige, and after the 9 wandering years will often take up high positions in the guards of one of the other orders, or maybe even a command of one of the many keeps of the Cult.
    They are imposing figures, wearing magical blue robes, a blue steel helmet and, if they are of a very high status, flaming two handed swords.
    Council of Eternity
    The original Council of Eternity is in Cibola. As such, communication with them seems to have broken down for quite a while due to the insurrection.
    In Catara, there is an interims Council, made up from the highest members of the individual orders.
    Their names are known to the public:

    Isak Herb – First Proclaimer of the Cult – “The Ninth”
    Master Uram Derragol – Archmage of the Cult of Nine – “Ringbrother”
    Uhar Firesson – Order of the Robe - “Shoulderpiece”

    Ayahn – Order of the Eye – “High Seer”
    Gasra of Myrandia – Order of the Sun – “Fletching”
    Emjen Tageryn – Order of Fire – “Gold”
    Jarela Starsign – Order of the Snake – “Heart”
    Sir Nasran of Gornheart – Order of the Winds – “Northwind”
    Sir Garan Chorenn – Order of the Flaming Blade – “Crossguard”

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