I realised that there was never a formal announcement here to read up: The Catara NWN server is offline for quite some time now, due to time constraints. I might revive it someday, but it is pretty unlikely. If anyone wants to use our custom classes or tools, ping me on twitter (@jollyorc) and we can see what we can do for you! In the meantime, I do recommend The World of Avlis: https://avlis.org/
Server Updates
  • On next restart:

    new quest: Bubble & Squeek
    cow herding in Laketon
    All deer exchanged for Cibolan Deer
    Area fleshed out: Catara Halflings
  • On next restart:

    new quest: Sheep Shearing!
    remodeling of the Circus entrance, renamed to Lorran Farm & fleshed it out a bit.
    bugfixing on

    Area transitions
    Placeables (flickering & accessibility)
    Bubble & Squeek quest (accepts all sorts of fish now)
  • Live now:

    Bug fixes on Sheep Shearing conversation
    Bug fixes on Bubble&Squeek conversation
    Repaired stepping stone in the Halfling village
  • Live now:

    Change on harvest script to destroy used up tools
    minor change on Sallys conversation
    change on Cibolan Deer
  • Live in 10 minutes,Bugfixes (attempted) on:

    Millford Smithy
    Newbie instructors (should be sitting down now)
    Floating fishies
    Milk Bucket thingie
    Goblins npc_hide workaround
    Transition Borderlands -> Borderpost
  • Server updated:

    Millford Smithy
    Cult Barracks & Offices
    GameSpy Server Name
  • Server updated, on next restart:

    implemented the fishing system I was kindly given by Themicles. Get your rod & bait at the Market
    changed a certain fish spot to use said system
    added a few more fishing spots, try to find them (more will come)
    changed a certain quest to request a special fish
  • Server updated&restarted:

    fishing bugfixes
    added another fishing spot
    lost watchman got lost for sure.
  • Server updated & restarted:

    various areas slightly more fleshed out
    more fishing spots
  • already live:

    some small changes  & additions in Torkum
  • live in a moment:

    Royal Fishing Authority Office
    small new quest
  • On next restart:

    Laketon & Lorran Farm area update
    changes in XP and Multispawn system, to be time-of-day aware
    implemented light at the market
    nerfed cow quest XP
  • Live now:

    Fix for timed XP triggers and timed spawn system
  • Live now:

    latest revision of Spellhooking System
    Inn at the Ducal Trading Post
    new NPCs in Laketon & abovementioned Inn
    bugfixes on Fern Grass
    bugfixes on certain chairs
  • Live in 5 minutes:

    removed all traces of loot scripts from work riders
    bugfixes & rejigglign on the Ducal Trading Post Inn
    tweaked module description
  • and a certain bard needn't tell his tales thirsty anymore...
  • Live now:

    exchanged Bioware rats for custom ones (which might help getting rid of those pesky npc_hides too)
    added in a small new quest related to the rats.
  • Live now:

    Circus moves around on it's own now every few days
    Hak pack replacement to fix Witch Hunters
    some FOIG DM nastiness that you probably see only rarely.
  • On next restart live now:

    Hand Marrinsbane should accept a variety of foodstuff, but not as often as before
    Added new area and a new small quest-series for soulstones to the afterlife
    miniscule changes on other stuff
  • live:

    BugfixExpansion on the Death Duels - you should have an opponent from lvls 1 to 13 now.
    small ambience tweaks
  • Live:

    minor tweaking of a village in Torkum
    added something in that I apparently forgot to add earlier, there's a new quest now
  • Live:

    Fix for ogre caves
  • Live:

    various fixes for the death quests
    minor change on Bone Wardens
  • Live:

    another stab at the duels in the afterlife. I think that I've at least nailed a few things, not sure about all of them yet though.
    also: Some minor layout changes to some of the caves
  • Live:

    tweaked AI script for shadows
    tweaked Bone Wardens
    minor corrections on the duels
    fixed Bowyer in Torkum
    updated playertracking code to be CoPaP compliant
  • Live:

    another attempt at fixing the Death Duels
    another stab at the p-chests
  • Live:

    Detect Evil Paladin ability is tweaked a bit. Don't do it around epic evilness...
  • Live (some of these for a few days actually):

    small fixes on Beetle Barbs
    small fix on the death duels
    some new critters to slay
    hooked up a bunch of new areas, but not added in the transitions to them - prior testing needs to happen first.
  • Live:

    Get a right-sized Fishing Rod at the Fishing Authority Office
    A certain rare & elusive fish has gotten a few more places to be caught
    code update for new vaultster
  • Live:

    fixed right-sized fishing rods
    fixed campfires
    fixed Rick
    hooked up 9 shiny new areas and most of the quests inside
  • Live:

    another fishing-rod fix
    added correct scripts to two areas
    tweaked the Worg Riders a bit
    small changes in the afterlife
    fixes on Tharan
  • Live & tested:

    You can now follow the way Edward I. took and actually come back too. Beware that you may not be able to take your possessions with you on the way home if you explore beyond the City of the Lost.
  • Live:

    tweaked a certain demon princess' immunities & vulnerabilities
    added a fishing spot
  • Live:

    Slaves factions
    killer instincts tweaked
    bear faction tweaked
    Climbing tweaks
    tweaked a certain cage

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