*a notice tacked on the wall of the Trade Outpost*
  • A notice to all those traveling south through Seagrove Gorn. Bandits have established hideouts along the road and in the woods. I would advise all merchants and traveling folk not to travel the roads alone, and to avoid entering unknown caves and ruins in the area.

    Sir Shandor Kinsbane
  • I would also ask if anyone in the area has encountered a lady by the name of Nemise, to please inform me of her wellbeing. She has gone missing during a bandit attack.

    Send a note to the Cult Fortress if you have any information.

    Sir Shandor Kinsbane
  • *A couple of days later, this note, written in a graceful but slightly shakey hand, is affixed below Shandor's*

    Thanking you for your valiant efforts to defend me Sir Shandor,

    those ruffians chased me to the east, & leaving me for dead, went to deer slaughtering for to further their amusements. I was able to make my way back to Catar City eventually, where i stayed to recover from this dreadful attack.

    I am back today to deliver supplies to the outpost, but i assures you i'll be avoiding these villains in the future!

    ~ Nemise

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