The lass in the Plaid Cloak
  • *A girl with pale skin & dark hair, a wary look in her eyes, wearing grey robes of a strange lightweight material, & a red & grey plaid cloak; she wanders about the Market for a while before heading into the Gilded Turkey. She exits the inn carrying a bow & a fishing rod, then stocks up on bait & heads to the Docks to fish until dusk. *

    *Looking more relaxed now, she returns to the market to sell her catch, chatting to the merchants with an accent that sounds local, but with a twinge of something foreign. She heads to South Gate & leaves the city to head west.*
  • *Several hours later she returns from the Ducal Trade Outpost, carrying a few extra bags & a more powerful looking bow. She calls into the North-gate Guardhouse, and says just one word to the guard on desk-duty.*


    *She peers over the desk and stares at him intently for a while*

    *.. he is very dead*

    *After looking around the empty room carefully, she calls down to the basement, explains the problem to the guards there, leaves her name and residence, then heads out, talking to the door guards outside as she leaves.*

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