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Crashing negates explore xp
  • Not a common problem for me, so a fairly minor bug, but i thought best record it:

    My connection dropped just near the end of exploring the smaller bandit cave near the Ducal trade post, & upon logging back in a few minutes later, checked the last area, & thought ~I bet i don't get xp for the previous areas now~

    .. I went around the previous areas in case that would help, but on exiting only got a small amount of xp for the last area.

    I'm guessing this is related to the way the variables are stored, tho the same effect happens if the area is exited via DPing. I reckon dying is a good reason NOT to get explore xp! But was wondering if there is any easy fix for crashing?
  • hmm..
    can you detail what you did exactly? Especially in which area you crashed, and where you ended up when you logged back in. Did the server restart between crash & relogging?
  • Hmm.. from memory..

    From Ducal Trade post went W1 S1 E2 & entered the small bandit cave there (the cave that is S1 & W6 from Catar N-gate).

    PC: Nemise Mephista
    Went left on entering the cave, cleared the rats/bandits in a clockwise direction, until upon killing the last group of 4 bandits client stopped responding. Checking IRC I saw my connection had dropped briefly, but had re-connected. Logged back in, to the location where I had just killed the bandits (this is the spawn by the small underground lake). The drops were still there, so collected them, & as an afterthought went all around the cave again. On exiting gained 50xp.

    PC: Pierto Jarino

    About 30 mins later I took my other PC for a quick spin thru the same cave, taking the same route thru the rats/bandits. On exiting gained (I think) 395xp.

    The time since the previous visit for either of these was at least 7 days.

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