I realised that there was never a formal announcement here to read up: The Catara NWN server is offline for quite some time now, due to time constraints. I might revive it someday, but it is pretty unlikely. If anyone wants to use our custom classes or tools, ping me on twitter (@jollyorc) and we can see what we can do for you! In the meantime, I do recommend The World of Avlis: https://avlis.org/
No xp for exploring Crag Hills
  • I entered the area from the NW corner, having been up to the far north spur first (to the Talore swamp?)

    Spoke to the guy at the camp there, & had only the convo option of "I have nothing to trade." (a reminder of what the task was would be useful... tho i think i know what & where to find them..)

    Then made a convoluted passage thru the BearClaw lands, finally exiting via that waterfall after collecting fins. On leaving that waterfall cave, gained 320xp, but on leaving the BearClaw area entirely gained no xp.

    This is the first time (after some 8 weeks?) that have entered these areas & managed to leave it without DPing!

    I'm assuming as there are various hostile spawns in these areas, that exploring xp should apply?

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