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Deep-One fin soup woes
  • Shanal Owlsong (area tag xp56yp46zp0_cave)

    asks for some eggs & fins for some obnoxious soup he plans to cook up (perhaps)

    After returning with some eggs 3 weeks ago the only convo choice in reply to the eggs & fins questions was:

    no, not yet.

    After returning today to see the 'Deep Ones' i was unable to slice the fins off any of them. And this included every variety of deep one i could manage to deep fry. Again my eggs were rejected (considers Deep One omelette..)

    Conclusion: fins fail to drop.

    Suggestion: would it be possible to split the quest into supplying Eggs &/or fins, as the eggs are possible to steal for some classes, whereas the fins (assuming they drop eventually) would be very much harder to obtain.

    (( Checking log: waterbeast, waterbeast spitter & waterbeast king all killed & looted))
  • Fins will drop in the future
    I'll probably think of some extra quest just for the eggs at some point, that's a good idea.
  • Confirmed: fins now drop!

    Also confirmed: Quest works!

    I did think the xp reward was rather low compared to other quests, but the reward item was rather nice!

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