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Slippery strength check
  • Location: Southern Talore - Crag Hills Inner caves - Waterfall
    Tag crags_cave_c07

    The climb down is described as slippery, which suggest agility will be important.

    The DC is rolled against modifiers for X & Y (FOIG) and a strength modifier applies, but no modifier for dex.

    For some classes this gives 0% chance of success.
  • changed the script to use Dex or Str, whichever is higher.
  • Not sure if the change is live, but with 19 dex & 16 stren it only gave me a +3 mod for the stren.

    Also, unless a nat 20 is always a success, the only chance my PC has here is a Fail or a Crit Fail. I'm not sure what the mods are for other classes, and i'm not saying caster classes should be particularly good at climbing, but even if strength & dex = 18 & both mods added, this still leaves 0% chance of success for what is described as a 'slippery' climb.

    Perhaps if some items were available to help the mod that would work (rope, climbing boots?) tho i suspect it would be simpler to code it by adding to the caster class mod, so that even the worst class type would have a slim chance of success given reasonable stren &/or dex

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