I realised that there was never a formal announcement here to read up: The Catara NWN server is offline for quite some time now, due to time constraints. I might revive it someday, but it is pretty unlikely. If anyone wants to use our custom classes or tools, ping me on twitter (@jollyorc) and we can see what we can do for you! In the meantime, I do recommend The World of Avlis: https://avlis.org/
Worg-riders killer instinct..
  • After being knocked to bleeding, then recovering, the script puts you into a dazed state for a round. I think most foes wander off then, & take another round before noticing you are back on your feet, giving time to heal/invis/make a run for it. Worg-riders hang about staring at your bleeding PC until they see you move again, & then attack immediately.

    I'm not sure if this happens with any other NPCs.
  • I tweaked their scripts a bit, have another look at them sometime..

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