I realised that there was never a formal announcement here to read up: The Catara NWN server is offline for quite some time now, due to time constraints. I might revive it someday, but it is pretty unlikely. If anyone wants to use our custom classes or tools, ping me on twitter (@jollyorc) and we can see what we can do for you! In the meantime, I do recommend The World of Avlis: https://avlis.org/
Cryptic Note leads nowhere
  • I know the cryptic note refers to the area Tag: xp50yp50zp10, because i followed the instructions & got it to work a few weeks back. Now tho it seems the trick no longer works. Has something been changed here?
  • Yes, I disabled things, because they would've led to messiness if followed through. As soon as I get roughly two hours with Themicles, this will be enabled again, then hilarity will ensue.
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