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Building order
  • JO, I was wandering what things you would like to see built or which regions of Catara be expanded? You did mention a few pointers in one of our discussions, but maybe some sort of priority list which can be updated with time here on the builders forum could be helpful...anything from larger to small scale stuff. That way each builder can chose something he/she has time for and would like to work on...and to keep track of who is working on what. Personally i like to brainstorm and think through an idea for an area/region before starting to work on it...and having a list of potential projects would be great.
    Anyway...just a suggestion... :)
  • I think we should fill out the parts north of the city a bit. We'll have an artificial lake, fishermen, some countryside... nothing exciting really alas :)
  • Yea, I agree, that part does need filling out. I can start working on that if you like.
  • ok, work ahead.
    If you want, you can add in a monastery / training ground for Witch Hunters there, so people can train for the PrC and get it unlocked. And add in some transition into a forest grove, where the Circus can occasionally make a stop (just add the transition, I'll do the coding bits).
    Oh, and fishing spots!
    Maybe a crazy wizard/alchemist in his tower too- no, we'll keep that one for the next 3x3 blockĀ :)
  • Ok, im on it!
    Just one question...how many rows north of the City does Talore begin?
  • Three to four, the border isn't a straight line. Feel free to add in a row of Borderlands.
  • I just noticed on the catara map that you have an area in there for xp51yp51zp0 (just north of the city)...is that hooked up ingame or intended to be hooked up? I've actually extended my building area to a 4x4 region north of the city (from the river eastward), so i also made a xp51yp51zp0...just because I had some extra ideas and it felt natural to extend some features into neighboring areas.
  • That area is more of a draft than something worthwhile - feel free to overwrite, I haven't worked on it for weeks now :)
  • Here is a preview of the areas north of the city I'm working on. There are a few minor tweaks and adjustments I've made which are not in this pic, but these are mostly cosmetic. The areas are basically finished, except for the human NPC spawns and fishing spots.

    The central part of the 4x4 region is dominated by the artificial lake... I call it simply "The Reservoir". It is supplied by water from a small creek which derives I imagine from the river Gorn further northward, and which has been damed to create the lake (the waterfall is the dam)...and the flow reconnects to the Gorn just east of Northgate in the existing areas.

    As you can see I added in a structure in the middle of the lake...I came up with the idea while building, thinking it could be a great RP hub. It is a prison where the most notorious of Cataras criminals are kept, and can be reached only by way of a wayfarer with a rowboat for a small fee.
    Along the west side of the lake is a fishermen's inn...a nice place to chill out between fishing.
    The topmost areas are borderlands which include a fort in the NE corner. The fort houses a military contingent securing the borderlands.
    In the area south of the fort is the witch-hunter monastery. It includes a monastery building and a separate building for initiates...a sort of dormitory.
    The prison, fort, inn and monastery all have interiors, however I havent fleshed them out with human NPCs yet.
    Is there anything specific the monastery should include? I can add some witchhunter initiates/students and such...
    As for the borderlands...should the NPCs be something like Catar Watchmen, or should I make some other military type NPCs?
  • http://i849.photobucket.com/albums/ab57/bornjezi/NWN/NorthOfCityS.jpg
  • Prison as RP area - The idea sounds neat, but what kind of RP do you envision here?
    Make "Catara Militia" NPCs for the guards in that area - although it shouldn't be too heavily guarded, aside from the prison of course.
    The Monastery should look lively - If you include a dueling area, I'm sure two witchhunters could duel there (I'll add in the scripts for that)

    Overall, I quite like what I see, good work!
  • "Prison as RP area - The idea sounds neat, but what kind of RP do you envision here?"

    I meant it as a place the DMs can have fun with for their plots...prisoner escapes, prison riots, PCs have to escort some villain to the prison, prisoner interrogations all come to mind...it offers some possibilities for villainous activity in an otherwise calm countryside, plus the surrounding lake will probably be visited by PCs for fishing on a regular basis.
    Maybe I can also think up some delivery quest to a guard in the prison.

    Catara Militia should be protecting the borderlands as well?
    Hrm, I wonder now if such a big fort (the one I have in the NE-most area) is justified if the borderlands are not so heavily guarded. I envisioned some military contingent there...but I can alter that or even scrap the fort completely, and just leave a small barracks for the militia.
  • hmm.. thinking back and after referring to some notes, a good-sized fort would actually make sense. Make up a few soldier NPCs if you like to, a real military presence (as opposed to mere watchmen)

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