Looking for a smith or artificer
  • *A note is displayed at Catar main market, & at the Ducal Trading post*

    Seeking Light to help Smite evil in Dark places!

    Whilst helping cleanse the crypt near Catar of an unholy alliance of Dalorian witches & Fangtooth bandits, it occurred to me that some sort of contraption to hang my lantern from the front of my shield would make smiting-in-the-dark so much easier!

    Admittedly.. this is not as easy as simply hanging my lantern from a hook on my shield, as firstly it would tend to come dislodged, & secondly these dastardly fiends might break it! If any smith can fashion a suitable device, I will pay handsomely in coin.

    Alternatively, if an artificer of the Academy or the Cult has any device that would help shed light in dark place where evil dwells, I'd likewise pay handsomely.

    Pierto of Rilos

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